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Learn to Sew
“…a series of free online tutorials guiding you through the basics of sewing, from setting up your machine, to understanding sewing patterns, and finishing your seams.”

Saving this for later cause I’m getting rusty as a muggerbugger


reblogging because i need to learn and my mom has a sewing machine exactly like this one


How to contour and highlight your face!
Here is an image I found on where natural highlights are on men and women, a perfect reference for beginning drag kings and queens like me. 

guys this is a lifesaver for cosplay! espECIALLY if you’re doing troll/painted up cosplay and want to blend to make your features actually stand out no matter what gender the character you’re cosplaying is
Do you guys want Stickers?!


I’m thinking of opening up a storenvy for sticker sheet pre-orders because I can’t afford to print all the stickers I’ve made recently, but I need to know if people will be interested.

So are you guys interested?

Here are the first 7 sheets I’ve made so far.

Sailor Moon